Mother:   Janet Ann, Dress Designer and Milliner
Out of the mouth of her babe came:
Does God have His dinner on a tray so He can go on watching us?
What's in heads, eyes and elbows?

Father:   Peter John, Chartered Civil Engineer
Out of the mouth of his babe came:
Why don't cherries fall up?

Granny:   Minnie Christina
Knitting, crochet and a stitch in time saves nine
If a job's worth doing, it's worth doing well
Bronnley Rose

Nanny:   Gladys
Forgivable mess of experimental scones in a lilac kitchen
Bronnley Lavender

Grampy:   Harold John
The Snow Queen, Hansel and Gretel, Sleeping Beauty

0yrs Nicola Jane:   blonde with green
1yr First words talking   Bye bye baby, Dada, Mum, Granny's washing
2yrs First steps walking
5yrs Cookham Rise Primary School. Green & white gingham dress, white ankle socks, red or tan shoes.
11yrs Stroud High School. Grey skirt, cherry and white striped blouse, cherry silk tie, grey blazer edged with cherry binding, black boater with cherry band, fawn socks, dark  tan shoes.
  Legs Eleven           Released  Summer 2008   49yrs
21yrs Awarded BA Hons  Biophysics
  Research   Let me in on Your secrets God!
  How is a mole made so well for digging? A rabbit or a horse or a dog made so well for running? How is a tendon made so well for stretching?
24yrs Awarded PhD  Biomechanics
  So God! I pinned You down with my mathematics! But only approximately and anyway, for what? You had it all sewn up far better than I did and long before I was ever here!

The tall handsome tea-making one:  dark with chestnut
Books, stamps, Historian and Friend.

28yrs Boy:    blonde with green
32yrs Girl:     red with brown
  Love Letters             Released  Summer 2008   49yrs
  Summer Special      Released  Autumn 2008   49yrs
36yrs Girl:   loud voice
46yrs Word made Flesh      Released  2010    51yrs
48yrs First notes singing
52yrs The Rite 
53yrs  Revelation
  Now, with humility, may I remain available to Your mystery; content but to clothe it........in coats of paint.
53yrs Genesis